FS19 Orthamn 3LP – 15 Side Dresser - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 Orthamn 3LP – 15 Side Dresser

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FS19 Orthamn 3LP – 15 Side Dresser
~ Orthman 3LP – 15 Side Dresser V1.0 (NEED LIQUID TANKS / CART LIKE IN REAL!)
Expect some updates in future, but now it’s preatty awesome !

What we have there? Features:
– Fully washable and wearable!
– Scripted FS19 Lights!
– HD quality Decals!
– Dynamic and Electric Hoses! (Connection Hoses)
– Flexable wings (Rot Limits)!
– Dynamic attacher (Rot and flex on uneven terrain)!
– Realistic mass and powerConsumer!
– Multiple workAreas! (separate workArea for every single Row)
– Ground Particles!
– Optional back Hitch for Liquid Cart!
– Working Pressure Gauge!
– Rotating Parts with collisions!
– Screws with proper materials
– Error Free!
…and lot of other little things which I don’t remember

Thanks to all Testers who reported issues!

Model from: Polygonish
Ingame: JHHG Modding

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