FS19 Kenworth W900 Dump Truck Pack v1.2 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS19 Kenworth W900 Dump Truck Pack v1.2

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FS19 Kenworth W900 Dump Truck Pack v1.2

Hello guys here i want to share my kenworth W900 dump truck and pup trailer to go with it lets just say that the truck has lots different configerations and 3 color options for the pup trailer and truck the truck can carry up to 200 000 liters with 5 different fill type configerations to choose from it has a option to carry just rocks or wood has a free swinging tailgate and a spread option by pressing u has beacons on the bed as a option.

Pup trailer comes with the fill type configuration and 3 color options and spread gate option as well price depens on the amount of stuff you add to the truck and pup.

list of configerations
tag axles
light bar and beacons
fill types

Bcbuhler PierceCustoms

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