FS22 Deer Creek v2.0 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS22 Deer Creek v2.0

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FS22 Deer Creek v2.0

Version 2 Fixes/Updates Include:

– You can place other farmhouses now as long as you don’t already own one (that’s a Giants limit)

– Added multi-terrain angle

– Added audio to corn dryer when active ( I could not get smoke to generate and spent WAY too much time fighting it)

– Added custom weather GEO to better fit Ohio weather

– You can now repair/sell and repaint vehicles at the dealer and inside the main farm shop

– Added an entry gate to the static pasture

– Added Ohio license plates into the map (credit to DrtyDiesel Modding and Edits for those! Thank you!)

– Reduced the overall file size

– Fixed cosmetic issues

Welcome to Deer Creek for FS22!

Deer Creek is a standard size map with a large map feel.

This map is based off a large grain farm, so if animals are you’re thing this map may not be for you.

Map Features:

– Real DEM and field layouts of the area (some edits were made to add sell points etc)

– Corn Dryer built into the map. You must buy propane from the CoOp and fill the tanks at the silo complex in order to use. Simply dump corn into the silo pit, activate the dryer production and you will produce dry corn! (the silo does accept all fruits, they will instantly show up in your storage once you dump them.

– CoOp location to buy seed, fert, propane and anhydrous. (There is another download link on my itch.io for anhydrous and propane transport trailers)

– Custom weather GEO and growth cycles for Ohio. ( Double crop beans are possible)

– Custom seed usage and harvest yields for Ohio.

-Custom dealership created by Elk Mountain Modding

Field Sizes:

Field 1 (field001) : 63.346 ha 156.53 acres

Field 2 (field002) : 56.744 ha 140.21 acres

Field 3 (field003) : 58.889 ha 145.51 acres

Field 4 (field004) : 32.315 ha 79.85 acres

Field 5 (field005) : 46.232 ha 114.24 acres

Field 6 (field006) : 30.934 ha 76.439 acres

Field 7 (field007) : 13.820 ha 34.14 acres

Field 8 (field008) : 24.279 ha 59.99 acres

Field 9 (field009) : 18.600 ha 45.96 acres

Field 10 (field010) : 8.583 ha 21.20 acres

Credit for assets used:

– Trailer Park Farms

– JS Mapping

– Elk Mountain Modding

– Crooked Creek Modding

– DrtyDiesel Modding and Edits (Ohio license plates)

– All other modders for models of items used. I did not make any models used on this map.

Credits: Central Ohio Modding



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