FS22 John Deere 825 Row-Crop Cultivator v1.0 - FS 19 & 22 USA Mods Collection

FS22 John Deere 825 Row-Crop Cultivator v1.0

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 FS22 John Deere 825 Row-Crop Cultivator v1.0

Row-crop cultivators are a tool that eliminates weeds from fields by digging up the dirt between the rows of crops. They were a tool used on every row-crop farm until the popularization of Roundup in the late 70s. They still see use today on organic farms or in specific situations.

The 825 was John Deere’s standard-model row crop cultivator from the 80s to the 90s. They were produced in 15 foot standard, 20 foot standard or end transport, and 30 foot folding sizes. All models included guide colters to keep the cultivator in the row and prevent it from sliding down slopes. They featured multiple options for shank types, crop shields, row units, and gauge wheels.

I have brought the 15 foot, 30 inch spacing version of this implement into Farming Simulator 22. I originally made this mod in Farming Simulator 19.


$5,250 Price

50 hp requirement

4.6m working width

6.8 mph working speed

Options for guide colter blades

Options for warning stickers, SMV triangle or both

30 inch spacing

Fully animated parking stand

Custom wear and dirt maps

Extremely accurate modeling

Special shoutout to 46 Mods for assisting in the scripting of this mod, without him, it definitely wouldn’t be what it is today.

Fight your war on weeds the low-cost way today! Thank you for downloading!

Credits: Rooster Mods, 46 Mods


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  1. a 12 row cultivator would be nice but this works great no issues